Suppliers Testimonials


We really do work hard to put clients in the ‘right place at the right time’.  Our events are focused, and developed in collaboration with a growing number of key on-site personnel, which probably explains why we have around 80% client retention! Here’s what some of them want to share with you:

‘This event has given us a number of interesting opportunities that we will follow up in more detail. The main advantage of this exhibition for us was the opportunity to meet engineers that we had no knowledge of, and equally these Sellafield engineers had applications that required a solution where VEGA could assist. The size of the Sellafield operation, and the sheer number of engineers on site, means it is difficult for us to pin-point (using email & phone) the specific teams that are working on engineering problems that VEGA could assist with. We were pleased that this event provides a platform where Sellafield Engineers can easily locate suppliers such as ourselves, and subsequently make progress with their specific engineering challenges.’
VEGA Controls
I just wanted to say, again what a great event and a big thank you to all your team for what was a great networking day, definitely excellent value for money. Also personal thank you to you both in helping me with a very specific requirement for this particular event, which was very much appreciated and makes all the difference - great customer service. These events don’t organise or run themselves; the methodical and close control with which Industrial Exhibitions plan and execute these events means that they always run very smoothly from the initial site access and security arrangements to us leaving the hosts’ facility.
Bilfinger Industrial Automation Services Ltd
Nuclear Key Account Manager
It was a fantastic exhibition for us and we appreciate all the time and effort you must have put into organising the event to make it such a success and we look forward to going again next year. Look forward to receiving the visitors list you will be sending out so that we can follow up. Many Thanks again for all your hard work to you and your team.
Omniflex UK Ltd
Managing Director
In one day, at an Industrial Exhibitions event, we do more business, make more contacts than we could in 10 visits to site. We always budget for the Industrial Exhibitions.
Omniflex UK Ltd
Sales Director
As a result of this event, we found out more about possible ‘pond’ applications than we could otherwise have done – applications of which we were previously unaware. The event gave us the opportunity to speak to end users and discuss the problems they face – these discussions were of high value and will steer our future research. Besides this we discovered forthcoming projects of which we were completely unaware and also obtained some useful market intelligence.
OC Robotics
A great opportunity to showcase, directly to Sellafield engineers, innovative engineering – demonstrating solutions realised using COTS (commercial off the shelf), removing the requirement to re-engineer products.
Marketing Manager
Just a note to thank you for organising yesterday’s exhibition at AWE. Both our sales engineers thought it was a great event and the superb organisation of you and your team made for a very smooth operation. They made a number of excellent contacts from the event which we’ll be following up over the coming days and which hopefully may ultimately lead to new enquiries for us, Please pass on our thanks to your team.
Marketing Manager
We have worked with the Industrial Exhibitions team for over 6 years at various locations. In my experience these are the best exhibitions of their type in the UK. We occasionally try others (where Ind-Ex don’t operate) but they are much less focused and don’t match up in terms of getting the right people there. The hard work and dedication of the team have meant the standard of the exhibitions, and most importantly the numbers of key personnel visiting the events, has got better and better year on year. They certainly give great value for money and are always the first exhibitions we look to book each year.
Yokogawa UK Ltd
Just a quick note to say thanks for your efforts at the exhibition a couple of weeks ago. The exhibition gave us a great opportunity to see old and new customers, and quickly and easily identify a number of future opportunities for working with Sellafield in the future. This type of informal early engagement is hugely beneficial for both us and hopefully the end user. We also had the opportunity to offer our perspective on future technology strategies with some senior management. We hope to see you again next year.
Servelec Controls
I had a very good exhibition with a lot of interest in the things I wanted to discuss and all the right people attending.
James Fisher Nuclear
Business Development Manager
I found the exhibition to be very well organised and very well attended. We took around 25 inquiries during the day, which is well in excess of the levels of inquiries we have received at other exhibitions. Many of these enquires were from senior C&I and design engineers with applications and upcoming projects to discuss. I look forward to following up on our inquiries and will be making a recommendation to my sales and marketing department that we attend exhibitions, which are run by your company, in future.
Invensys Eurotherm
Business Development Manager
I’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on a fantastic exhibition held on the 9th October at Sellafield (DECOM 2013). The day was professionally presented and had a friendly but organised approach. Over the day we generated 24 active enquiries for project work. These opportunities would not have presented themselves without attending the show. It’s the first time we have attended such a focused exhibition in a major industrial plant, I look forward to further opportunities in other locations. Many thanks for your considerable efforts
Industrial Ancillaries Limited
Sales Director
I would like to pass on my thanks to you and your team for the organisation of the recent Decom show up at Sellafield. It was a huge success! We have had a great response from numerous attendees and look forward to next year’s event
Business Development Manager
As part of Forth Engineering’s first engagement with the Sellafield engineers based in Risley, the event has been hailed as a major success both financially and as a marketing venture to raise awareness of our business. The calibre of engineers, project managers and business managers that attended was excellent. Forth received a good number of enquiries during and after the exhibition and business has been gained in the form of supply and service contracts. In terms of value for money, the returns outweigh the expense by more than 40 to 1!
Graham McAvoy
Business Development Manager / Forth Engineering Ltd
I would like to say that this exhibition was the best attended one I have seen and there was a real diversity in the type of companies there. I have had at least 4 solid leads from the day which for a company based in the South West is excellent news.
Omniflex UK Ltd
As you know we always have excellent exhibitions with Ind-Ex and the success of them is down to the way you and your team professionally organise them from the beginning right through to the end. Ensuring that we get this sort of numbers of quality people through the door right through to providing a comprehensive list of visitors for us to follow up after the exhibition has finished. The benefits of these exhibitions for Omniflex are numerous as they ensure we get to see a large number of people in the one day which would be impossible to do by just visiting the site. It enables us to bring our preferred supplier equipment to site to show Sellafield staff as well as being able to discuss and show our other products we supply to other nuclear sites and other customers outside of the nuclear industry.
Laboratory Impex Systems
The positive thing for our hosts that they perhaps don’t consider is that attending these exhibitions provides a direct feedback to suppliers that enhances their (suppliers’) future performance. This because having a chat face to face they have the time to properly explain little gripes that in the normal course of their day job they would never get round to doing.
Canberra UK Ltd
Just a few lines to say thank you to the Ind-Ex team for putting together another professionally organized event. We spoke briefly at the show, but I just wished to reinforce we were pleased with the quality and number of the visitors to B111 this year. These shows give us the ideal platform to discuss first hand both new initiatives and old products that have been replaced. Without such events it would be difficult to reach so many people making individual calls to site.
WF Senate
…the exhibition introduced us to a lot of people that we know about, but did not deal with directly. This exhibition has opened some new doors for us to pursue and also having our stand next to MJ Wilson, who partner us with the Instrumentation business, has grown our profile across the Sellafield site.
Many thanks on the recent exhibition which, again, was a very well-run and professional event. For my part meetings were held with 6 key Sellafield customers and 3 new projects were discussed, and we had over 30 points of contact with other site staff. As I briefly mentioned, I would have gone home happy at lunch time with the level of enquires I took in the first 2 hours.
Gai-Tronics a division of Hubbell Limited
Our first exhibition with Ind-Ex. I found it most encouraging, with some very positive comments as to the perceived benefits of using Quickflange. I believe, as far as my participation in these events goes, over my, certainly long, career without a doubt, this was probably the best organised and attended event.
Sample exhibitor feedback from Plant Tech (Plant Engineering Exhibition) at Sellafield - May 2014